Knitting Bag - 15 x 45 x 17cm

Knitting Bag - 15 x 45 x 17cm

$32.00 NZD

For a complete storage solution for your knitting and crochet yarns and needles check out these two stylish designs.

The cheerful light green knitting bags with sheep print and inspirational word print are the perfect way to store your knitting and crochet projects.

The oblong bag has a large space for wool, yarns and other supplies that can be closed with a sturdy zipper. The pocket at the side offers space for storing up to 8 pairs of knitting needles. The bag has a stylish contrasting fabric inside and can easily be taken with you.

The wooden handle knitting bag is a stylish and spacious storage solution. Both styles are designed to keep your yarn and knitting accessories neatly organised.

There is a storage solution for every dedicated knitter and crocheter!